Not only did the wellness coaching sessions help me to come to terms with my life as it currently stood, but they also helped me to reach a level of peace about my infertility struggle that I didn’t think was possible.

Michelle Galatoire has a unique ability to gently help you to explore your current struggles and to find ways of embracing all of life’s possible outcomes thereby bringing about an acceptance and consequent peace which I found quite profound. You feel she really understands your pain and cares deeply about you. Her warmth and sincerity are enough to transmit over oceans.

I now have two wonderful boys – one 18 month old dynamo who we adopted, and a very laid back 5 month old who I conceived using donor eggs. I believe Michelle’s wellness sessions, which helped me to feel at peace with my life in whatever form it took, directly resulted in the family that we now have. She is truly a very special person.

Kim S

I was so lucky to connect with Michelle. It was like finding a kind, dear, sweet friend along the dark and painful road I've stumbled along through infertility for nearly four years. Michelle was so happy to share her wisdom and truly validated the feelings that have made me feel so lonely on this difficult journey. Now I have some useful tools to help move forward on a lighter, brighter, path and I completely love all of the recommendations she gave me.

I am truly amazed at how Michelle was able to pick up on things that I was trying to say but couldn't articulate. Thank goodness for her intuition and careful caring heart.

There's a group of people who I could never thank enough for helping me to see through the darkness and Michelle is absolutely one of them. Her concept of "Nourish and Bloom" has changed my life. I am forever grateful and have much more patience and serenity for this process thanks to Michelle.

Carrie R

Dear Michelle,

Just thought I should share with you that I am now 7 months pregnant after 4 1/2 years of trying. This will be my second child.

I would first like to thank you for giving me the confidence and encouragement that I can conceive - naturally. I was told by doctors that I had 1% chance of conceiving on my own due to poor egg quality. I started searching on the internet for more information as I was very distraught.

I chanced upon your website and the answers to my weary eyes just glared back at me - that it is POSSIBLE TO CONCEIVE despite poor egg quality. My confidence started building up from there; and I conceived just 3 months after doing this.

Thank you so much; I hope all women out there who have been told by doctors that there is no hope for them will not absorb those words in their minds but rather come out of it - go all out and try - do not give up! It will happen by God's grace.

Mary L.

Michelle came at a critical time in my life when I had lost all balance and joy. My focus for the prior 2 1/2 years was trying to get pregnant and, at age 41, it seemed not only that nothing was working but that I had lost my life along the way.

Michelle's patient guidance and balanced advice helped me to regain my life - mentally and physically. Through her gentle but wise direction, I learned to focus less on the effort to get pregnant and more on life's possibilities in every area - whatever that might mean. In the process of our work together, I regained a health mindset and apparently gained reproductive balance...because six months after working together, I became pregnant naturally at age 42!!! My husband and I will always be grateful to Michelle for the gift she was to me in my journey of learning to be open to discovering the miracles of everyday life...including our bundle of joy set to arrive in 2 months!!

Patricia M.

I’m so very thankful for Michelle and the Fertile Life consultation program!!!! The last thing I needed to add to my life was stress considering the stress I was already dealing with regarding my fertility. The consultation program was easy and most of all help me to bring my life into balance.

The information I received has been invaluable and all of the consultants went above and beyond to develop a program that was specifically designed to meet my needs.

After three months of consultation with an acupuncturist, wellness coach and nutrition consultant I feel a great sense of relief, belief, and confidence in my journey. Thank you!!!!!

Lanee R.

Michelle has been a wonderful guide in my journey through healing. She has helped me stay positive, focused and to find peace and calm in the midst of this troubling time of my life. Thank You, Michelle!

Felicia K.

Coaching sessions with Michelle were a revealing experience for me. Michelle guided me on a path toward my fertily and my femininity. She is gentle, persuasive and powerful, just what coach should be.

My second ART, which was scheduled after I finished with my initial coaching series was successful and now I am six month pregnant and expecting a baby boy due end of June.

Tamara V.

Michelle has been a great inspiration and help at a time in my life where I had totally lost hope. She helped me start a healing journey that made me realize, I can move on and be happy no matter what the end result will be.

Yvonne J.

"Michelle was an excellent listener and asked the right questions, ones that still resonate and inspire me to probe further. She opened a lot of doors to new possibilities and encouraged me to find my own right path forward."

Savanna B.

There is nothing like finding someone that stretches their arms to lift you up, helps give you strength to start walking again, holds your hand until your legs are strong enough, then accompanies you as you relearn to walk, helps you find your correct life mission path, then trots with you and makes you laugh as you go along. That's what Michelle has been for me and then before you realize it, she has helped you find your wings and you are ready to fly!

Carmen M.
Carmen Martinez Jover

Michelle is a savvy, sharp, highly dedicated life coach and group facilitator.

She's intuitive, has superb relationship building skills and is passionate about enhancing women's emotional and physical well-being.

Her expertise as a seasoned wellness expert and her specialized experience in group coaching support her in being a powerful catalyst for growth and personal change.

Renee Trudeau
Renee Trudeau & Associates

Insightful and intuitive, Michelle Galatoire specializes in empowering women to realize their dreams amidst the challenges of everyday life. Michelle uses her kind and compassionate nature to gently guide her clients to greater wellbeing while providing practical tools to unleash the creativity within and live a most fulfilling life.

Kathryn F.

Michelle has a very calming presence and has provided an enormous emotional and spiritual support to me through my own healing journey. She understands both the larger medical issues (such as managing one's own health care) as well as the various emotions encountered along the way. She has tools for handling many of the issues that arise during this stressful time. Michelle was truly a gift to me that came along at the right time.

Bridget F.

Michelle Galatoire has been immersed in womens health throughout her own personal and professional life.

Her compassion, wisdom, and heart of healing touch the soul. Michelle's coaching skills are unsurpassed. As a friend and colleague, I can always count on the depth and wealth of her insight.

Randine Lewis, L.Ac., Ph.D.
The Fertile Soul