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"Wow…. this is powerful!  In reading Michelle Galatoire's first words “I could not be the vessel” I was struck by how very much she is in fact “The Vessel”.  Michelle continues to expand her healing and exudes so much strength and courage I myself have been carried by her deep compassion, honesty and innate ability to speak just the right words when so desperately needed. There is a lot we can do with our suffering and struggle and what I have seen and continue to see with Michelle is that she transforms it into the most beautiful and authentic message that is in the highest service to others. Michelle’s story is not unlike so many of our own stories; those of us who struggled with infertility and all that it entails, but what is different is that she has devoted her whole being to helping others not only survive this challenging time but find the shining gifts awaiting under the darkness! Michelle you are a Vessel of great power, strength, compassion and love! I so appreciate your tenacious ability to stand in the storm and not ever give up on the wild possibilities that life offers.”  Susan N.screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-7-58-47-pm

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Facilitator of The Fertile Mind Body Program
Lisanne Wellness Center in Houston, Texas