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Are you struggling with infertility?

Lisanne Wellness Center is thrilled to offer The Fertile Mind Body Experience. This six-week program aims to improve your mental and emotional health while experience infertility. According to a recent study in Fertility and Sterility, women who participate in a mind/body program while undergoing IVF have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not (52% vs. 20%).

The Fertile Mind Body Experience is hosted by Mind Body Wellness expert Michelle Galatoire, who experienced infertility for 10 years and struggled with her own challenges and obstacles. During Michelle’s journey she was inspired to help thousands of women all over the world who are going through the same struggle. As a Fertility & Self-Care Coach, Michelle is certified in working with both individuals and groups and brings the latest, leading edge healing tools and modalities in Mind-Body wellness from both Eastern and Western disciplines to help her clients find inner peace even at times when it feels impossible.

This 6-week program provides you useful and practical tools for coping with the daily stresses and challenges that often come with infertility. During this 6 week program we will teach you strategies to bring a sense of control in your life and how to turn down the constant stream of thoughts that create anxiety and depression. You will learn techniques to release both your physical and emotional stress, feel relaxed, and trust your inner wisdom so you can make decisions with ease and clarity.

Main Topics Covered in the Course
How Meditation Enhances Your Fertility – The Practice
Manage Your Mind - Mindfulness & Creating Calm
Essential Self-Care for Mind Body & Soul
The Power of Journaling:  Express & Release
Clearing the Inner & Outer Clutter – Making Space for You and Baby
Body Wisdom – Your Intuition & Trusted Guide

What's possible?  

"My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years now. We have been thru 5 IUI's, 6 IVF's, 3 chemical pregnancies and so much more. Needless to say, this has been a long, tiring, disappointing and difficult journey. 

 Being a patient in 3 different clinics, the one big difference in Dr. Allon's clinic, was the Lissanne wellness center, mind and body experience. A group session that takes place online once a week with women who are going through the same struggle as you are. 

I have never been an advocate for the group therapy because I found that it could be more depressing than helpful sometimes, however, Michelle Galatoire makes it a completely different experience. It's not only helpful to share your story with others who are so supportive, understanding and caring,

but you're also given tools to help you through the crucial, difficult moments of your journey.  

In fact, after all this time of trying and trying, we were about to start a cycle using an egg donor and I got pregnant naturally, For the first time ever! Unfortunately it didn't make it past 6 weeks but I am so sure that a relaxed and positive state of mind is so essential and necessary in order to make your most deepest wish come true. This state of mind isn't easy to get to with everything we go through, but thanks to Michelle and her therapeutic teaching I was able to get there. 

I've learned so much, even to appreciate this complicated journey, and I know that when it ends, I will be a stronger, better person."  YH, Florida


For more information about the 6 weeks Fertile Mind Body Experience call
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Program cost is $400
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